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Angelique Suijdendorp

Angelique Suijdendorp

J.T. (Angelique) Suijdendorp graduated from the University of Utrecht, where she majored in private law. During her study she worked as a registrar at the Board of Appeal in Utrecht. From 1991 to 1995, she worked as a company lawyer at NOB road transport (now the Dutch Transport Operators Association). In this function, she was secretary of the SAVAM arbitration committee and represented its members in the Road Waybill Institute and the Goods Committee of the Dutch Association of Insurers.

From 1995 to early 2002, she worked at Van Traa Advocaten in Rotterdam, where she devoted herself to transport and insurance law. In that period, she also completed the Grotius programme in Transport Law.

In 2002 mr. Suijdendorp joined Stadermann Luiten Advocaten. There she further specialised in liability and insurance law. In September 2008 Angelique Suijdendorp worked as a Trainee Judge at the district court of Rotterdam. She returned to Stadermann Luiten Advocaten to pursue her carreer as a laywer as of 1 October 2009. 

Mr. Suijdendorp is an editor of the case law column of the Insurance Brokers Magazine and is a member of the Association of Insurance Studies.