Fields of law

Our firm is active in the areas of liability law and insurance law. Because these special areas involve a wide experience in procedural law, we also give procedural advice and we litigate – if in keeping with our practice – on, for example, disputes involving contracts.

The term ‘liability and insurance law’ is a collective one referring to an multifaceted area of law. This area includes such liability matters as claiming damages in cases involving a wrongful act or a breach of contract. Professional liability involving mistakes made by doctors, lawyers, architects and building constructors, accountants, insurance underwriters, etc. is an area that often – and increasingly so – leads to legal proceedings. Our firm also handles cases involving employer’s liability, traffic liability and government liability. We also help clients in arbitration, especially in cases related to construction disputes. In addition, a number of our lawyers are widely experienced in disciplinary proceedings, this being related to cases of professional liability. The work area covered by our firm is broader than only handling (complex) legal proceedings. We also advise on general terms and conditions, including those in insurance policies.

And, of course, our firm is specialized in insurance law.