Educational institute

The Netherlands Bar Association requires every lawyer to earn a certain number of training points each year. These training points can be earned by following seminars and courses.

Stadermann Luiten has its own training institute, which has been accredited by the Netherlands Bar Association. For a law firm to qualify for such accreditation, it must meet strict quality requirements and other demands. Stadermann Luiten is proud that it has been awarded this exclusive accreditation.

The training institute regularly organises tailor-made courses for the lawyers at Stadermann Luiten that are given by both various external instructors (usually from the sciences) and internal instructors (the lawyers at Stadermann Luiten).

Because it is important for our lawyers to be aware of current developments in the practice of law, they do not follow only the internal courses. Every lawyer at Stadermann Luiten is also responsible for following one or more external courses each year. In this way, we ensure that the knowledge provided by our office is always up to date.