Student Internships

Liability and insurance law is a fascinating and broad area of the law. Our practice handles issues arising from fire damage, property damage and personal injury, among other things. Who can be held liable for the damages and on what grounds can liability be based (failure to perform, an unlawful act or on article 185 of the Road Traffic Act), is the insurer obliged to provide cover under the terms of the policy, and what is the scope of the claim?

Stadermann Luiten Advocaten offers advanced students who are interested in this area of the law the possibility of undertaking a student internship of two months duration. During this period, you will get to know our practice and the people who work there. There will be ample opportunity for you to attend meetings and hearings such as witness testimony and injunctions. Our firm is first and foremost a litigation practice and offers you a good foretaste of the legal world. For your part, you will be expected to take notes, research case law and literature and draw up documents for the proceedings.

For additional information or to apply for an internship, please send your letter with curriculum vitae and university grades to the following address.

Stadermann Luiten Advocaten

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